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Corporate social responsibility
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Dunas Club and its commitment to responsible tourism

Corporate social responsibility is one of the strategic commitments of the Apartments Dunas Club in Corralejo Fuerteventura. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development based on five fundamental pillars.

1. The management of our human resources:
· We promote equal opportunities between women and men.
· We promote a pleasant and positive work environment.
· We offer programs for continuous training.
· We train our staff about responsible tourism.

2. Energy efficiency:
· We prioritize the use of new information and communication technologies to reduce paper consumption.
· We promote the decrease in the use of detergents by using towels and sheets more than once.
· We manage water responsibly through the installation of faucets and showers economizers.
· We perform selective waste recycling.
· We have energy saving light bulbs.
· We minimize the use of disposable containers.

3. Environmental protection:
· We use more ecological cleaning, disinfection and refrigerant products.
· We use water disinfectants that are not very aggressive for the environment.

4. Collaboration with social and non-government organization entities:
· We collaborate with the non-government organization "Manipulados Solidarios" to integrate people who are at risk of social exclusion into the labour market.
· We contribute to the Food Bank of Fuerteventura.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for us to continue improving our commitments to sustainable development, send us an email to: dunasclub@a-caledonia.com